As an LA native I have a profound love for my city. With its melting pot of cultures and Hollywood roots – It truly is one of the most amazing and action packed metropolises. With so many great attractions and landmarks I wanted to share 3 of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.

o The Broad – The Broad is the new kid on the block in LA’s museum scene. Being a huge fan of modern art, I find the museum to be a wonderful addition to the city’s art scene. Every time I go I leave wanting to start a new art project, not to mention the building itself is a work of art and makes for a great photo opp. Reserve tickets in advance or get there early, there’s usually a wait to get in.


o Huntington Botanical Gardens – What can I say, with so many different gardens and a stunning array of blooms this place is pure heaven! Quick tip, if it’s really hot outside bring an umbrella or prepare to melt!


o Grand Central Market – I’m a BIG foodie so Grand Central Market is literally my paradise. They have everything here, including the ultra-popular breakfast spot, Egg Slut. Seriously one of the best egg sandwiches ever – this one’s a can’t miss! Pro tip: get there early because you will be waiting in line for at least a half hour. Some other great options are Oyster Gourmet for what else? Oysters! Knead Co for fresh pasta, Golden Road for savory pirogi and beer, and of course, Horse Thief for mouthwatering BBQ. Not to mention, being built in 1917, this place is a historical landmark and is right across the street from the famous Bradbury Building – need I say more?